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Even though a multitude of blogs exist out there that deal with FTM transition, I write as an Indian, transitioning in India and dealing with Indian society, which can sometimes be very comforting, sometimes agonizingly interfering.

If this is your first visit, I suggest you start with the oldest post first - the walk-through I have slipped into the posts goes in that order and takes you through my life from toddlerhood to transition.

I also plan to include tutorials and discussions. I look to you, reader, for your opinion. If there is something you would like to share, questions you want answered or a comparison of situations, please let me know via the comments. I ask only that you do so with the understanding that I may choose not to answer - if I do so, it will certainly be for a good reason.


Friday, April 01, 2011

Dark times

Leading up to the almost present.

Jan 2011 - I set up an appointment with the endocrinologist. I am all set and raring to go when another family emergency occurs - on the same day that I am scheduled to meet the endocrinologist. The state of emergency lasts for half the month. All else goes for a toss. With the situation finally under control, my focus shifts back to self. The recent coming to a head of events on a personal front spanning the past few years (nothing to do with anything I've shared so far), the lack of a steady job for the better part of a year (a visiting lecturer-ship doesn't really count) and the lack of any headway in my transition affects me so badly that I spend days at a time holed up in my room and don't step out except to bathe, use the facilities & raid the fridge - I even take all my meals in my room, but that is something I routinely do. This goes on for weeks and my closest friends (in touch with me all the time) and even my parents (with whom I live) haven't a clue as to how depressed I am. This is not due to any lack of understanding on their part, but to my knack for putting on a happy face.

Feb 2011 - The financial situation has really tightened - my whole focus shifts entirely to getting a job, a futile venture. Personally, I am dealing with things, conditioning myself to bounce back up like I always have. I haven't listened to music for a few months now; towards the end of Jan, I had cancelled on a musical night featuring the works of Jack Johnson, one of my all-time favourite artists, and only now know why.

early March 2011 -  No job yet. Time is flying by. I reason that I may as well see the endocrinologist - HRT isn't as expensive, and there's really no point waiting. I send him an email and am called for an appointment on the 8th. Still no music, but I am doing better. I anticipate that I will soon be my old self again. Fingers crossed for the appointment.

Next, a full-bodied article on the appointment, and what happens subsequently. Keep reading!


  1. hey B: I read post 1 in the chai break but I could not stop reading until I had finished all of the posts. First things first, you write very well. Power to you on your journey

    With you.


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