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Hello blog-trotter, and welcome to my transition blog :))

Even though a multitude of blogs exist out there that deal with FTM transition, I write as an Indian, transitioning in India and dealing with Indian society, which can sometimes be very comforting, sometimes agonizingly interfering.

If this is your first visit, I suggest you start with the oldest post first - the walk-through I have slipped into the posts goes in that order and takes you through my life from toddlerhood to transition.

I also plan to include tutorials and discussions. I look to you, reader, for your opinion. If there is something you would like to share, questions you want answered or a comparison of situations, please let me know via the comments. I ask only that you do so with the understanding that I may choose not to answer - if I do so, it will certainly be for a good reason.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

He's ALIVE!!!!!

25th April, 2012! A year to the day since I've last posted. Procrastination, and my illicit affair with it, threatens to be the supplementary theme of my blog. But I will still write about my struggles with procrastination, or other things, just as I write about my struggles to achieve my transition. Because I refuse to let this blog, and my life, be just about transitioning. As I urge you do yours. Because transition is the means, my friend, not the end. It is the means to moving on to a fuller life, a life devoid of the obstacle of 'having yet to transition', a life where one's dream is not to be whole or at peace with oneself, but to do other things. Like bungee jump or visit Italy or write a book or adopt a child or make a movie. A myriad other things that make up what should be one's goal in life, all through transition: to move on from the trauma and negativity to living the life one has made possible by transitioning (that does not mean, of course, that life before or during transition isn't worth living...far from it!). That is the dream I dream for myself, and for you: the ability to dream other dreams - just as much now as after transition.

So coming back to the elapsed year between posts. Where was I? Why didn't I post? What's been going on? Was I ill? Depressed? Abducted by aliens? On a secret mission for the CIA?

Nope! I was...you got it...PROCRASTINATING! (Note to self: when at a loss for subject matter in an impromptu speech, bring up procrastination)

Dear blog-trotter, especially if you are someone looking to my blog for hope, I apologize. I feel like I owe it to you, just as much as I owe it to myself, to write regularly. And I apologize to us both for falling short. After the first few posts belted out at top speed, the enthusiasm fizzled out. Other things took over. And then, to our combined bad luck, I found a job. Procrastination just got easier. I've had a little coaxing from a few quarters - and a gentle nudge, here or there, from others - and I've finally picked up enough momentum to write. I wish I could say "I promise this won't happen again". But the honest truth is that there's every chance it may. What I will say is that I'm going to fight tooth and nail to prevent it.

That's as far as I am concerned. Now you. 
The transfolk out there who had begun to follow me, I hope to hear of progress from you - and not necessarily in terms of transition steps. It would hearten me greatly to hear of progress made with friends, family, your relationship with self, personal victories, your first binding/packing, a first kiss perhaps, a new understanding of yourself, a new understanding of someone else - whether a person or an identity or a point of view. 

SOFFAs (Significant Others, Friends, Family & Associates) of transfolk, I hope to hear that you and the trans person you know are better able to communicate. If there's any kind of advice or information you seek, do let me know.

Random Person Reading My Blog Even Though Completely Disconnected From Anything Or Anyone Trans, thank you for continuing to be interested! Please read and share. You are much appreciated for taking initiative without having a direct stake.
Write to me. Leave a comment, or drop me a mail if you don't want to share with others. I'm looking to hear from you so I can be more attuned to your needs. And it would encourage me and reward me greatly to know that I am able to reach from my corner of the internet, all the way through to where you are, and touch you. Or poke you in the eye.

From my next post, I resume the narrative I had begun.

Drat! It's past 12 AM. That makes it technically tomorrow. But I started writing today, so as far as I'm concerned, this is still a 25th April post!



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