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Hello blog-trotter, and welcome to my transition blog :))

Even though a multitude of blogs exist out there that deal with FTM transition, I write as an Indian, transitioning in India and dealing with Indian society, which can sometimes be very comforting, sometimes agonizingly interfering.

If this is your first visit, I suggest you start with the oldest post first - the walk-through I have slipped into the posts goes in that order and takes you through my life from toddlerhood to transition.

I also plan to include tutorials and discussions. I look to you, reader, for your opinion. If there is something you would like to share, questions you want answered or a comparison of situations, please let me know via the comments. I ask only that you do so with the understanding that I may choose not to answer - if I do so, it will certainly be for a good reason.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

First things first!

Who I am...

I'm a 25-yr-old transguy from Mumbai, India.

Why I decided to start this blog...

Following other transguys' blogs helped me in my journey of self-discovery - it gave me unfathomable hope to witness tangible changes occur. It was the aggregate of all those selfless testimonials that convinced me my transition was achievable. I swore to myself back then that, in time to come, I would leave my own trail in the hopes that I could somehow pay it forward. This is me attempting to keep that promise.

Why it is named what it is...

I am transcribing (making a record of) my journey through medical transition. "To transcribe" also means "to rewrite in a different script". I intend to have the posts translated into other languages so that the experiences can be accessed by transguys who do not follow English (not an original idea - it was inspired by Satya from Sampoorna)

Where I am in my transition...

I'm pretty much pre- everything medical. I pass well enough 95% of the time but ask me to shout across a crowded hall and my cover's blown :(

More about me...

I will slip stuff in by and by


  1. yay and hurrah and cheers! am sure your blog will help and give hope to many many people. and help many more to understand a thing or nine...

    looking forward to reading.

  2. hey man blog is very good ..... loved it willl keep reading it regularly. if you need any translations in kannada do tell me

  3. Thanks, you both :)

    Sumathi - I'll accept. Thanks a ton :)


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